Following Casey Anthony on Websleuths

If you want more information, almost on an hourly basis, on the Casey Anthony case, then you may find Websleuths to be a godsend -- or a curse.

Its forums are filled with the latest news, as well as rumors (is Cindy Anthony on the site? what about those crosses from J.C. Penney's?) and there's lots of traffic.

Some of the membership actively track the story on the site each night while watching Nancy Grace ("NG" on the forums)....

It's not the best site for downloading documents or getting video feeds, but it fills a need. Or an obsession.


A Voice of Sanity said...

On what basis have they brought murder charges? Wishful thinking? So far all I see is a potential case of improper disposal of deceased remains - a misdemeanor.

Rebecca said...

Hi Voice of Sanity,
First, thanks for writing!

I went over and checked out your blog and see that you're really following the parameters of circumstantial evidence, particularly as they apply to the Scott Peterson case.

As for your question, right now I don't know of any direct evidence that has been released to demonstrate that Casey Anthony was responsible for the improper disposal of deceased remains (much less the murder charge) ... though I suppose all those boxes and bags of items taken from the Anthony home since the discovery of the remains suggests that there is direct evidence to be had.

Meanwhile, as for the murder charges, I still want to know what the State of Florida has in the way of direct evidence - both in documents and testimony - besides what has been shared online and on Nancy Grace. (Lots of this stuff looks like circumstantial stuff to me.)

I firmly believe that not all the evidence has been shared with the public, and I'm very curious as to what that might be.

For example, I'm very curious about the testimony from the friends that lived in the Sawgrass apartments, particular the woman who was supposedly Casey Anthony's best friend at the time.

And, I still have an interest in how Casey Anthony was getting cash over such a significant period of time. Was she an escort? I know this is probably circumstantial, but I remain suspicious that there is a whole heck of a lot to this tragic story that has not been shared.