Polls? What Polls? I Don't Need No Stinkin Polls!

As the election get closer by the hour, I'm seeing more and more polls popping up - and no two are alike.

Well, no one's called and asked me a thing. No one that I've asked has been asked to reveal who they're voting for, either.

And, truth be told, the majority of us would decline to answer any survey on who we're voting for, if we were asked.

Why? I can't speak for other folk, but for me -- who I vote for is not anyone's business. It may be just my vote, but it's what I've got to give, and I take it seriously.

I'm tired of all this spin and media hoopla surrounding the citizenry choosing the person to lead our country, not to mention the most powerful man in the free world (or so they tell me).

It's not like I'm picking Best Picture of the Year at the Academy Awards. Or I suppose I should say, the People's Choice Awards since I'm not a SAG member. Geez.

I wouldn't trust a pollster to use what I reported accurately. Period. And this includes exit polls, too.

They talk about greed running rampant in our society, well - I see dishonest and self-serving spin running rampant, too. And all these polls, polls, polls -- just a buncha hoohaa if you ask me.

You know what? Bottom line, I wouldn't give them the time of day if they called because as a voter, I feel so ... well ... DISRESPECTED.

Whew. I feel better.

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