Where Was Casey Anthony Employed?

There's video of George Anthony describing the last time he saw Caylee -- Casey and Caylee were leaving the Anthony home while George was watching his usual Food Network television show, before he left for his job. Casey was purportedly going to work, and dropping Caylee off at the babysitter (I just cannot use the word "nanny" here ...). This was on June 16th.

There's video of Cindy Anthony talking about Casey referring to Caylee's "nanny" over the past year and a half before Caylee went missing.

There's audio of Lee Anthony explaining that Casey worked for two companies (Kodak, CVision) that contracted with Universal, which would explain why Casey Anthony's name was not on the Universal payroll roster.

Then, there's the search warrant affidavit (see link below) -- Casey Anthony was fired off the Universal lot over two years ago, her alleged coworkers and former boss don't exist, and she's got no payroll stubs, etc. to show any past employment history.

So, here's my question: as bizarre as the Anthony family appears to be, they do seem cohesive in their assumption that Casey was going to work. For an extended period of time.

Where was she going, with her child, on a regular basis - in work attire?

I can't find the answer anywhere on the web.



L said...

I'm starting to wonder. I've been digging and found that Casey worked for ESI Kodak at Universal and Tom Manley, Orlando - the person she stated was her supervisor has a facebook page and is "friends" with EIS Kodack


I'm not sure you can see this if you don't have a facebook account.

Anyway - the cops must know this - so WHY are they allowing it to look like a lie?

I'm waiting to see if the DNA comes back for an unidentified person - and if LDE is using this crime against Casey (and unfortunatley her daughter) to catch a big fish.

Rebecca said...

Hi L,
It gets curiouser and curiouser. I'm beginning to think the key to the whole case is what Casey was doing for "work" during the few months prior to Caylee's disappearance - especially since we aren't being given any info on this topic by the media or the police.

Not sure your sources on Casey's boss "Tom," but if you read the affidavit used to support the search warrant (see link in post below), the officer states that they checked with Universal, and there is no "Tom Manley," but instead a "Tom Mattson." Records also showed Casey was fired from Univeral on 4/24/06.

They checked with Kodak, and Mike Cozak of Kodak reported Casey last worked with Kodak in 2005.

They checked with Colorvision, and there is no record of Casey ever working for Colorvision.

They also checked with these employers for Jeffrey Hopkins and Juliette Lewise - the two individuals who Casey said she told about Caylee being missing - and got similar deadend results.

I agree with you - I think that there are some "big fish" we're not being told about ... and I'm still wondering about Zenaida Gonzalez, too. Releasing the warrant (with the info in its affidavit) together with the revelations of Zenaida being located and of talks regarding Casey getting immunity ... was this done to put pressure on someone out there (besides Casey)?

Anonymous said...

Before the death,where did she take Caley every day? Where is all that video? Perhaps she had a job as a prostitute? She had to have SOME money... where did it come from... before Caley's death..Per prosecution, she spent yrs of Lying re going to 'work" at Universal?

I also think one month is far too long for the grandparents to take action. Is it possible they ALL know what happened and were ALL involved?

angel said...

People wonder why the grandparents didn't notify the police earlier that the granddaughter was missing. I think they believed Casey at first when she told them that Caylee was with the "nanny". She began putting them off and I believe they thought she was being spiteful and withholding the child from them. The more they asked to see her, the more Casey refused to produce the child. They wouldnt have wanted to bring the police into what was to them purely a family problem. They were used to Casey's antics and were losing patience with her, but never in a million years thought Casey had murdered the child. As soon as they learned Caylee was missing,Cynthia went ballistic. Used the "stolen" care as a pretext to called the police in an effort to scare Casey into telling them where the child was. Even that didn't produce the truth from Casey. Surely Cindy and George know the truth now even if they won't voice it.

Reba Kennedy said...

Hi Angel,
Wow - all you've written makes good sense to me. Calling the cops on Casey to get her to reveal where Caylee was, that makes perfect sense. Thanks for sharing this.

Now, of course, this has me pondering what is going on here? What is the deal with Casey (and really, with the whole family dynamic).

I've written a psychologist and asked for a guest post, we'll see if they can get one together by Friday ... if not, I'll ask someone else with expertise in this area to write something for us here.

I'll point them to your comment here, among others.

Thanks so much for writing, Angel!

DaisyDeadhead said...

And speaking of Borderline Personalities...

Initially, I think she may have done this simply to spite her mother. (She even said "because maybe I'm a spiteful bitch?" when her brother asked her why she wouldn't produce Caylee... I heard the truth in that statement.)

I think she didn't really understand that it was a permanent and irreversible decision... these girls (mostly girls) are very immature, narcissistic and damaged.

Nancy said...

I read she was always hanging out with friends, especially at Tonys apartment during the day.

maryaha said...

I would like to know a couple of things about Casey: (1)Why did she need to borrow a shovel from her neighbor; (2)Why was the Anthony's backyard pool found with the ladder pushed up to the pool after Casey was seen at the house by her neighbor. They stated that they always removed the ladder for safety; (3)If Casey used the borrowed shovel to dig in the Anthony's backyard, what was she digging for; (4)In the trash bags found with Caylee's remains was a needle and syringe inside of a Gatorade bottle. They contained traces of chloroform and testosterone.....I understand the chloroform, but what's with the testosterone?

Reba Kennedy said...

Hi all,

what a good observation! You are so right, in most everything Casey Anthony says there is a grain of truth in it, somewhere. So, the spite thing: I think you've got something there.

Thanks. I've heard during trial from the talking heads that Casey got money by taking out credit cards in her parents' names without their knowledge and running them up. So, maybe that is how she got the money to buy things while she was hanging out with her buddies

Hi! I'm also curious about that Gatorade bottle and I'm hoping that is going to come in with the state's rebuttal. As for the whole shovel thing, I'm sure that Casey had a big reason for borrowing that shovel but I'm still not clear why. She seems too lazy (dainty?) to go digging a hole ....

I'm hoping that Jeff Ashton explains the shovel in closing.

Thanks everyone for writing!