Where Was Casey Anthony Employed?

There's video of George Anthony describing the last time he saw Caylee -- Casey and Caylee were leaving the Anthony home while George was watching his usual Food Network television show, before he left for his job. Casey was purportedly going to work, and dropping Caylee off at the babysitter (I just cannot use the word "nanny" here ...). This was on June 16th.

There's video of Cindy Anthony talking about Casey referring to Caylee's "nanny" over the past year and a half before Caylee went missing.

There's audio of Lee Anthony explaining that Casey worked for two companies (Kodak, CVision) that contracted with Universal, which would explain why Casey Anthony's name was not on the Universal payroll roster.

Then, there's the search warrant affidavit (see link below) -- Casey Anthony was fired off the Universal lot over two years ago, her alleged coworkers and former boss don't exist, and she's got no payroll stubs, etc. to show any past employment history.

So, here's my question: as bizarre as the Anthony family appears to be, they do seem cohesive in their assumption that Casey was going to work. For an extended period of time.

Where was she going, with her child, on a regular basis - in work attire?

I can't find the answer anywhere on the web.