Drew Peterson and the TV Movie: I Admit It – I’m Gonna Watch Rob Lowe

I’ve been keeping up with the Drew Peterson case for it seems like years now (hey, it has been years if you count this December 2007 post) and truth be told, part of me is kinda irked that he’s getting to feel so darn important because now, yes, there is a Lifetime TV Movie bearing his name.

You know he loves this.  He’s even talking to the media via his attorney. 

And I hate that.

However, I am going to watch this movie.  From the previews, Rob Lowe looks to be giving an excellent performance and his hair looks perfect for the role, to boot.  I’m happy to see Penny from the Big Bang Theory getting a chance to show us that we really do need to know her name as an actress (besides hosting whatever awards show she’s doing).

Maybe this movie will help some battered wife out there get the heck out.  At least, that is what I’m going to be telling myself … because this is one guilty pleasure that I’m not going to miss.