Casey Anthony Lawsuit Part Two?

Ye Gads.  Where will it end?  Minding my own business, surfing the web while doing the laundry and halfway watching a Mentalist rerun, and what do I find?

A breaking news story that Casey Anthony and her attorney, Jose Baez, are threatening to sue because her video diary has been hacked.  

You can read about it here at the LA Times

Oh, yeah, and how was this scoop released to the world?  Jose Baez appeared on his buddy Geraldo Rivera's show over on Fox TV.

Look, without a big word count here, a big fat plaintiff's lawsuit is a dream come true for Casey Anthony.  Dream. Come. True.

Key will be if there's a deep pocket anywhere to be found to pay for damages based upon copyright infringement, etc.  -- and whether or not there will be arguments advanced for indirect liability.


Gameover - The Latest Malware Threat Has the FBI Issuing Public Warnings

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued a warning to the American public about a new internet attack they are calling "Gameover." 

Read their press release here.

Seems that the evildoers send you an email that looks to be from a very official looking site, informing you that's there has been a problem with a recent financial transaction.  You're instructed to follow the link provided in the message for further details. 

Wham.  If you click on that link, you've allowed the malcious software ("malware") access to your hard drive, where it will spend its time locating and forwarding the user name and passwords for your financial accounts.  Yes, like your checking account.

It's serious stuff -- they're taking lotsa bucks from people and it's called "gameover" because by the time that you know you've been hit, they're already finished with you and taking your hard-earned cash.

PC World has a nice article discussing how this latest threat is another version of the Zeus malware from a few years back.  Along with it, a discussion of the past year's internet thievery highlights.

Here's the thing.  Don't open those attachments connected to emails even if you know the person unless you are expecting them to be sending you a document.  And even then, it's nice to have your security software in place to scan the attachment before it's downloaded.  (Yahoo! Mail provides this via Norton, nice freebie.)


Drew Peterson and the TV Movie: I Admit It – I’m Gonna Watch Rob Lowe

I’ve been keeping up with the Drew Peterson case for it seems like years now (hey, it has been years if you count this December 2007 post) and truth be told, part of me is kinda irked that he’s getting to feel so darn important because now, yes, there is a Lifetime TV Movie bearing his name.

You know he loves this.  He’s even talking to the media via his attorney. 

And I hate that.

However, I am going to watch this movie.  From the previews, Rob Lowe looks to be giving an excellent performance and his hair looks perfect for the role, to boot.  I’m happy to see Penny from the Big Bang Theory getting a chance to show us that we really do need to know her name as an actress (besides hosting whatever awards show she’s doing).

Maybe this movie will help some battered wife out there get the heck out.  At least, that is what I’m going to be telling myself … because this is one guilty pleasure that I’m not going to miss. 


Nonlawyer Firm Ownership – I Think It’s Scary and Wrong.

Read today over at Law.com about a growing trend in having law firms owned by NON-lawyers.  Wow. 

To read the article, originally published by Corporate Counsel, check out “IBM General Counsel Robert Weber on Nonlawyer Firm Ownership.”

I agree with Mr. Weber.

Perhaps this is the final nail in the coffin of law being a profession and not a business.

Long ago, when all those challenges to solicitation regulation began hitting the U.S. Supreme Court right along with the local and state bars and there was an outcry that “country club solicitation” was unacceptably elitist … and the doors were opened to lawyer advertising and such, well I thought I got it.

Law practices were profit-making enterprises, after all. 

We would lose our professional status, our integrity, if this dam broke, I remember some of the elder statesmen (and stateswomen) of the local bar warning during bar cocktail parties.  How old school I thought.

Now, I remember what they said.  And I think they were right.  It makes me sad.  And it makes me wonder about our country and our society if lawyers don’t own law firms anymore.   Remember Shakespeare’s line about first thing, kill all the lawyers? 

It wasn’t because lawyers are shady or slimy or manipulative or greedy.  It was because lawyers and the legal system hold the society together like a steel skeleton in a skyscraper. 

Where are we going here?  Are we killing all the lawyers here with the concept of nonlawyer firm ownership?