John Edwards, Expert Trial Attorney, Indicted Today in Six Count Indictment From Federal Grand Jury: This Should Get Interesting Fast.

This afternoon, actually in about an hour and a half, former Vice-Presidential nominee (with Kerry in 2004) as well as a Presidential candidate on more than one occasion, John Edwards is going to make his first appearance as a defendant in a North Carolina federal courtroom, since he's been indicted by a federal grand jury on six counts of essentially campaign fraud.

This is going to be a case to watch, at least I find it interesting. Not only is John Edwards a career politician, he's got a history as an extremely successful trial attorney.

Put those two together in the current scenario, where's he is fighting to stay out of jail, and this is going to be fascinating.  Not that he's really demonstrated all that much savvy so far.  I mean really. 

My first question: who is John Edwards choosing to be his lead criminal defense lawyer?  This will bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "controlling your client." 

Oh, and fine. I've been expecting this for awhile. Back in August 2008, I wrote a post wondering about the money after the Rielle Hunter story broke. I asked about campaign financing back then. Guess I got my answer today....

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