I Voted and I Prayed - Did You?

I voted absentee last week, over at my branch library. You would have thought from the parking lot (I got the last slot) that there would be a long wait, a line of folk winding between the stacks.  Nope. 

When I went inside, there was no line at all.  No one knew, and several people were puzzled, about where those cars came from.  Political hijinks?  Who knows, it's been a crazy year here in San Antonio, election-wise.  Not to mention, nationally.

I do know that I don't remember an election where more was at issue, where voting was more important.  Some are disgusted, some are disappointed, some are disillusioned.  All responses to be respected given the realities we face today. 

If there were easy answers, if there were a Cavalry to be called or a wand to be waved, we'd do it.  We'd be there.  It's a bad time for all of us. 

Me? I studied the law at one of the best law schools in the country.  I practiced law in one of the most litigious states in the United States for over 20 years.  I write about the law and legal affairs professionally today. 

It is from this background of education and experience that I find I remain respectful of the system without being enamoured with it.  You're right: my vote isn't much at all, numbers-wise, but it's proactive. It's a tiny light, but it's what I've got, what I've been given. 

I know that evil can triumph only if the good do nothing - what Burke wrote is true, in my experience. 

And your voice needs to be heard.  You need to participate because you are important here.  Please go vote today.  And then, please join me in praying for our United States of America - our country's in trouble, and I think this is one thing that all of us - Independent, Liberatarian, Republican, Green, Democrat - can agree upon. 

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