Google News Changes - Personalized News Source or Big Brother Monitoring?

There's a video from Google on its Google Blog today, introducing today's revamped Google News -- and while it sounds nice (doesn't Google always sound nice?), I gotta wonder.

How much is Google monitoring what we're reading for its own devices?

Should we be selecting the stories we read, or was it better, when the editors sorted stories according to importance - what we the public might need to know?

The fact that the video uses "Tom Cruise" as an example of how to cull your news to fit your interests, does this tell us something scary about things today?


Not Waving But Drowning said...

I suspect they even look for keywords in Gmail, as I've noticed that the Ads that appear when I log on sometimes correspond to a topic I might have written about. They certainly relate to what I look for in the search engine and on Youtube, but Gmail seems highly intrusive.

Reba Kennedy said...

Hi Drowning,
Wow - I really don't like the idea that Google is roaming thru GMail. Do we have an expectation of privacy in our Google Mail accounts? Thanks for the heads up, I'm gonna research this a bit. Like read the GMail Terms of Service, etc.


Thanks so much for writing,