Toyota in the Hot Seat: First it's the Gas Pedal, now it's the Brakes?

It was only Monday when all this big news was popping up regarding Congressional Committees getting involved, investigating Toyota about its "sudden acceleration" problem. 

Just this past Sunday, the New York Times wrote a great article, giving an overview of this gas pedal acceleration problem in both Toyota models as well as Lexus vehicles -- something that's been a known issue since 2002.  Known issue, as in stuck accelerators have been causing wrecks and killing people for several years now.

So, as an attorney, I was already expecting to read about new Toyota lawsuits - heck, I was ready to see the television commercials.  All about the gas pedal slamming down, think how creative those ad agencies could be ....

And then, today, whattha????

Because today, first I read that the Secretary of Transportation reported before Congress to give his testimony today, and he's said that folk should just stop driving their Toyotas until they can get their dealers to fix them

(Plaintiffs' lawyers smile like Cheshire Cats when they hear something like this -- and it's even better when there's video of the head of the Department of Transportation telling this to Congress.  Oh, the glee....)

But wait.  Wait. 

Now, I learn there's also some big problem with the BRAKES made by Toyota.  Apparently, the brakes in the 2010 Prius hybrid are malfunctioning, too.  Ye Gads. 

Brakes, gas pedals ... there's gotta be a lot of jokes in all this.  And so, so many lawsuits ....

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