Will Casey Anthony's Brother Lee Anthony Be Charged?

My Fox Orlando is reporting today that there's talk Lee Anthony may face criminal charges as well as his sister, Casey Anthony: "Casey Anthony's Brother Could Also Face Charges." They are reporting it's gonna be "aiding and abetting" or "obstruction of justice."

Personally, I think this is just rumor right now. And, while there are folk that think Casey Anthony had to have an accomplice, I don't know that Lee Anthony would fit that role.

From the videos and interviews that I've seen, it looked like Lee Anthony was undertaking his own informal investigation into Caylee's whereabouts -- and if there's anything to this rumor, I'm betting it has something to do with Lee acting as an "investigator" in this case and getting in the way of the law enforcement authorities.


A Voice of Sanity said...

So far I see no evidence to charge Casey Anthony with any form of homicide. At most, and this is still up in the air, we have improper disposal of human remains which I believe is a misdemeanor in FL.

Anonymous said...

Omg Voice of Sanity you are not sane. Your a complete idiot.

A Voice of Sanity said...

Since I can write grammatical English and you cannot I don't think you're in a position to judge. I also note your complete inability to justify your comments with facts.

Theresa said...

Well we know how this one went don't we? I have to say that if my niece or nephew were missing I would do WHATEVER I could to get them back. My daughter disappeared once when she was 15. I dropped her off at school saying I love you in the morning and she just never came home.

THAT is the worst feeling in the world for a parent that loves their child. I could not sleep, I could not eat, I could not study (I was in my first year toward my CS degree and the little angel picked the week before final exams to pull this crap).

I reported to the police, they told me to stay home and wait for her to call and put out a report. Ya, right, like that was gonna happen. I created flyers and hit the streets. Drove endless miles around our city handing them out, asking if people had seen her, went into the worst areas of town posting the flyers and talking to people on my own. The police caught wind and had to step up patrols in the areas where I was because they were afraid I was going to get hurt. One patrol officer pulled up while I was talking to someone and said ma'am if you MUST get out of your car PLEASE don't bring your purse with you. After about 4 hours of this behavior on my part the police started kicking ant hills with me .. they weren't going to get me to stay home and they were forced to step up their search.

After 24 hours the police had made so much noise about finding her that people they were "questioning" on my behalf about her eventually got sick of all the heat. They contacted her (she and a buddy rented a hotel room to party for a long weekend before her buddy was moving out of state) and told her..YOU GOT TO GO HOME, CALL YOUR MOM SHE IS MAKING TOO MUCH TROUBLE, CALL YOUR MOM AND GO HOME OR WE ARE TURNING YOU IN.

Lee is that kind of person I guess, he thinks he can do more than the police because in a lot of cases you can do more than the police and if you are truly concerned and have an outgoing personality you will do just that because if you don't do SOMETHING you will go insane.

Hope I didn't ramble too much.. I view Lee as a caring brother/son who wanted to find his niece and that's all.

Reba Kennedy said...

Hi Theresa,
So sorry to hear about your Missing Daughter experience, and wow am I glad that turned out with a safe ending. What a horror to go thru.

I agree, I think Lee was doing what you did - and what I think a lot of people do - take action.

As an aside, Lee's really gone gray hasn't he? Cindy and George seem to look pretty much the same, and I guess Casey too - but Lee seems to have aged during all this. Understandable.