Was Casey Anthony Working at an Escort Service?

Over at WebSleuths, they've got lots of discussion over the web sites that Casey Anthony surfed -- including a long list of escort sites, from around the country. Nancy Grace's show has shown the list, but I haven't been able to find the actual document in any of the discovery materials available for download.

One post at WebSleuths gives information about the missing children link that's getting a lot of air time -- apparently, the link's name is intentionally misspelled and the link is really a portal to sites that most of us really, really don't want to go visit. If this is the only missing kid link on the website surfing history, then all the talk about premeditation based on Casey Anthony investigating missing children sites on the web goes away.

I've also noticed that no one is clear on how Casey Anthony was making money when she was purportedly "working at Universal." Just last Friday, on Nancy Grace, bounty hunter Leonard Padilla skirted the answer when asked ... although he's always said that there is always a grain of truth in what Casey Anthony says.

So, I'm still wondering -- what was Casey Anthony doing for money during all this time she said she was working? I still think she was going to a job, somewhere - and I think that it will be very relevant to what happened to Caylee.


Where Was Casey Anthony Employed?

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