CASEY ANTHONY: Investigation Discovery Has the 400 Pages of Police Docs for U

Read Newly Released Court Documents in Casey Anthony Case is the title to Investigation Discovery's August 26th post - and within it, are four batches of documents available for download that contain the 400 pages everyone on TV has been referencing (especially the Nancy Grace show).

Everything in here is interesting, but if you only have time for a few reads, then go to the first batch, where the transcripts of police interviews of Casey Anthony are provided. Yep, the actual interviews.

Also of interest: interviews with friends and acquaintances, including a friend that reports Casey had around 300-400 photos of Caylee on her MySpace site and she took most of these down in June. (Casey has an interest in photography.)

Another tidbit: long before all this happened, she had a friend who worked at Sports Authority. She told her mother SHE worked there, never did, and took $400 from the friend to support this lie to her mom. Friend never pursued the theft, "she needed it more than I did."

You gotta read this stuff.

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