Today's news has Cynthia and George Anthony hiring a psychic named "Gale St. John" to try and find Caylee Anthony. (Casey's still in jail, refusing visits with family.)

So, I went and surfed around on "Gale St. John" and she doesn't seem that impressive to me. Her website has a list of cases, not that many, and of thosae, only a few that appear to be successful ... and there's no specific references to any particular police matters where Gale St. John has saved the day.

I know that the Amazing Randi considers all psychics as shams, but if the Anthonys were going to hire someone, couldn't they at least go get Allison DuBois, who at least has a Harvard professor backing her up? (Yep, that Allison DuBois - the one that they made the TV show about, starring Patricia Arquette ....)

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