While You Watch American Idol I Will Be Watching NCIS

What is it about American Idol -- Idull --- I just don't care anymore.

I don't know that I'd watch this finale week anyway, but I know that there's no decision to be made now, CBS has made it for me:

I've got to watch the two-hour finale of NCIS.

I love Mark Harmon, I admit it. Plus, all the characters are moving along nicely.

And, fine: I admit to playing Man from Uncle as a young child, back when Ducky was so cool and hip as Illya Kuryakin. (I got to play the Girl from Uncle when we were tired of riding our bikes thru the streets, towel-capes flying, playing Batman ... I was Catwoman ...ah, the good old days.)

Okay, back to reality. We all knows that one of the main cast members is being killed off. I'm voting that it's the Director that dies tonight. Makes good sense plot-wise, and besides: I will sooooooo ticked off if it's anyone else.

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