Posh Spice, the Crime Doctor, Bette Davis, and Dog the Bounty Hunter

Okay, this Writers' Strike already has my attention.

I'm all for the writers getting what they want (go check out their blog, United Hollywood, for details) but man -- it's already making me fixate on TV, when I'm trying to beat my TV addiction.

Tonight, I've got an extra-thin crispy crust 4-cheese pizza all ready to go when Dog the Bounty Hunter hits the airwaves on Larry King Live.

I want to hear good things, I want this all to be all better, because I like the Dog. I don't know what I expect him to say that will fix all this. Not wanting your daughter to date an African American because of your vocabulary -- is this what I heard? And while I'm here, let me just say that I only recently learned that according to the US Census of 1977, I am supposed to call myself European American. Who knew.

Then, tomorrow, there's the wedding on Ugly Betty and I'm just so happy that Henry and Betty are together. But I really like the Sandwich Guy, too -- you KNOW there's a future relationship there -- and hey, the Wedding is this week with Posh Spice as maid of honor for Willi.

And, today, while I was typing at the keyboard all day long, Turner Classic Movies had a marathon of the old Crime Doctor movies. Have you seen these? Shrink-sleuth combo, it's just fabo. But then again, I love all those 40s mystery shows in black and white: Sherlock Holmes, Mr. Moto, Charlie Chan, The Saint, The Falcon, .... I only recently discovered the Crime Doctor, by the way. Along with the Lone Wolf. Both from Saturday showings on TCM.

Fine. I admit it. I love TV. Did you see The Letter with Bette Davis last week? Nothing better. Just nothing.

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