Here We Go Again: OJ 2

OJ Simpson has pled not guilty to all the Vegas charges, and the trial has been scheduled for April.

Right now, OJ is set to defend himself alongside two co-defendants, Clarence Stewart and Charles Ehrlich, on 12 counts of conspiracy, kidnapping, robbery, and burglary. Wonder if they'll be going for separate trials sometime soon?

Meanwhile, the Vegas oddsmakers are already at work, here's what I saw at the time of this posting over at Gambling911.com:

O.J. Simpson Trial Props - OJ is found Guilty of Kidnapping: 3/1
OJ is found Guilty of Armed Robbery: 5/1
OJ is found Not Guilty on all Charges: 2/3
OJ flees the US: 25/1
OJ falls asleep in the court during trial: 10/1
The trial to end in a mistrial: 5/1
OJ arrives at court in a white bronco: 10/1

Gotta love that last one ... made me laugh and laugh....

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