Texas Supreme Court Okays Divorce Forms: Get a Texas Divorce Without Paying a Lawyer

Interesting thing happened recently here in Texas:  the Texas Supreme Court issued an Order that approves certain forms for use by individuals wanting a divorce -- no need for lawyers.

That's right.  In certain situations, married folk here in the Lone Star State can split their matrimonial blanket without the need to spend one dime on attorneys' fees.  The Texas Supreme Court has provided the forms for them to use, it's so easy peasy.

You can read the Texas Supreme Court Order here.  There's a majority opinion as well as some dissenting arguments if you want to delve into the rationale behind this new twist in Texas law.

This does take money out of some lawyer pockets.  It's my understanding that the intent behind this development is to help couples who cannot otherwise afford a family law attorney to get a divorce and move on with their lives.

Will savvy and sneaky couples try and find ways to use these forms and avoid a lawyer, even if they can afford one (and maybe need to have a lawyer check things over)?  Time will tell. (Of course they will!)

The Family Law Bar isn't pleased.   Surprise.


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Jen Garza said...

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