Where Do the 2012 Presidential Candidates Stand on the Issues?

I cannot believe how many debates we've had in this Presidential Campaign.  Hasn't this gone on longer than Dancing With the Stars?  Close to a full season of American Idol, complete with the first few shows with all that bad singing?  I mean really.

Meanwhile, it's not that easy to find a nice, simple to follow web site that lists where the candidates, Democrat and Republican and Independent and Libertarian and Green and Whatever Else, stand on the issues. 

And yes, I just read that Rosanne Barr has announced her candidacy for President with the Green Party.  Perhaps Kinky Friedman will have some campaign advice for here, having run for Governor of Texas a couple of times now.   

Here's what I found in a quick surf:

1.  SelectSmart.com has a questionaire where you answer questions on where you stand on the issues and then the web tells you with which candidate you are most closely aligned.  Fine, if you like hand-holding.  And if you don't worry that Big Brother is gathering more information about you as you answer these questions than you'd like (my assistant Daniel doesn't trust this stuff, hat tip to Danny here). 

2.    VoteSmart.com has lots of info - bios, voting records, things like that.  Doesn't have all the scoop that you'd like ... when I clicked on select issues, it didn't work.  Frustrating. 

3.   Then there is 2012 Presidential Candidates  site that gives you a nice list, issue by issue (see the left sidebar) and candidate by candidate, for the 2012 Presidential Race.  Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, and some independents are listed here. 

This, in addition to the media coverage of the various candidates (which you have to read for each candidate and then compare as you wish) as well as the candidates' campaign web sites themselves.

Good voting, America. 

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