Psych Today's Dr. Karyl McBride Will Answer Casey Anthony Trial Questions as Guest Blogger Here at Backseat Lawyer

Dr. Karyl McBride has graciously accepted my invitation to be a guest blogger here at Backseat Lawyer, to answer questions dealing with the Casey Anthony trial that are best addressed by someone with her level of psychological education and expertise.

Dr. McBride's blogs at Psychology Today's web site at The Legacy of Distorted Love, as well as at her website Will I Ever Be Good Enough? and she will be appearing tonight on Issues With Jane Velez Mitchell.

To read her some of her takes on the Casey Anthony case thus far, check out her posts "Lying is Part of the Fascination of the Casey Anthony Trial," and "Why Are We So Fascinated by the Casey Anthony Trial."

Send Your Questions for Dr. Karyl McBride In Comments or E-Mail Now

I will be sending Dr. McBride a list of questions culled from reader comments and emails that I have received since the beginning of the Casey Anthony trial.

If you wish to have your question answered as part of Dr. McBride's guest article(s), then please send it to me as soon as possible, either in the comments below or by email (reba at rebakennedy DOT com). Dr. McBride's first QnA post will appear within the week, and we are discussing additional guest posts here, as well.

Who is Dr. Karyl McBride?

Dr. Karyl McBride is the author of Will I Ever Be Good Enough?: Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers which has received 4.5 stars in over 75 reviews at Amazon.com. 

Her work focuses upon the study of narcissism and its impact within families, particularly the offspring of narcissists.  Each year, she hosts a national conference and workshop (20 hour CEU letter available for therapists) where her respected five-step healing model for daughters of narcissistic mothers can work toward full recovery and the re-defining of self/finding one's authentic self. 

This year's Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers workshop will be held at the Inverness Hotel in Denver, Colorado on October 7 -9, 2011.

From her website:  Dr. Karyl McBride has been in private and public practice for almost 30 years, based in Denver, Colorado, where she specializes in treating clients with dysfunctional family issues. For the past 17, Dr. McBride has been involved in private research concerning children of narcissistic parents, with a primary focus on women raised by narcissistic mothers. She has treated many adult children of narcissistic parents in her private practice.

She holds a B.A. from the University of Wyoming in elementary and special education, an M.A. from the University of Northern Colorado in counseling psychology, an Educational Specialist graduate degree from the University of Northern Colorado in school psychology, and a Ph.D. from The Union Institute in clinical psychology.

Dr. McBride has extensive clinical experience in the fields of trauma, sexual abuse, domestic violence, divorce and step family therapy, marital and family therapy, specialized trauma treatment in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), and individual adjustment issues related to anxiety, depression, and life transitions.  She does forensic consulting and has served as an expert witness in numerous civil and criminal cases involving children and sexual abuse;  has 9 years experience conducting sexual abuse investigations with law enforcement; and she has conducted training for law enforcement in the area of sexual abuse investigations.

Thanks in advance to Dr. McBride and to all of you!!


Anonymous said...

I have these questions:

What is the difference between a narcissist and a sociopath?

What is the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath?

In families with a narcissist, what other mental illnesses are found - arent they all ill from living with the narcssist and being controlled by him?

Is being a liar sometimes a born trait?

Is being a gambler sometimes a born trait?

Anonymous said...

How can a mother not cry about her missing child but go bar hopping and HotBody contests?

Mary said...

Anon..I'm speculating here but, I don't think that Casey ever bonded with Caylee..I think that Cindy did, maybe even George..but not Casey..where are the pictures of Casey doing anything for Caylee except posing for the camera..I think that Cindy was primary care giver

I think that Cindy may have used Caylee to control Casey...as to where she went or where she stayed...in turn Casey discovered somehow that she could 'drug' Caylee and stick her in the trunk for however many hours she needed a babysitter...that way she got the best of both worlds...her mom off her back and she could live THE life..

Mary said...

I have been around three generations of narcissists..a mother ..her son..and then his daughter..if its not hereditary..from the genes..its gotta be just because of osmosis...all I know is that they all are self centered, self praising, crave attention, lie, manipulate, cry on demand, re write history to suit themselves, mimic emotions of others, etc.,..living with them can keep you constantly off balance

Mary said...

I would like to know if it does not seem strange that there has never been any comments from friends or relatives of the Anthony family.. except Casey's fly by night 'friends' who we've seen in court..why no one else is sitting in the courtroom with George and Cindy for support..where are the siblings of George and Cindy...if there are any..or neighbors or parents of Lee or Casey's childhood friends, teachers..anyone.. who can say something about what life was like in the Anthony household...strange

Susan1961 said...

It's possible that they have jobs and/or lives and cannot wait in line to 'see' if they get in to watch. I don't think they'd get a seat just because they are friends/family/neighbors. Just guessing here but it's what would make sense in a normal world.

Reba Kennedy said...

Hi all,

I have forwarded everything over to Dr. Mcbride (done on Monday June 28th) and we'll all have to wait for her guest post. Hopefully it will be soon!