Japan News, How to Help Japan: Say What U Want About Google, Google is a Big Help Today

Hate Google, Love Google - there's no debate that Google is really johnny-on-the-spot today.  Google has put together a great page on all things dealing with Japan and the nuclear disaster, the earthquake aftermath, and the effects of the tsunami.

Go here to check it out. 

Under the heading "Google Crisis Response," the folk at Google have put together all sorts of links and info blurbs (available in Japanese, English, and other languages) that do many things:

1.  tell you how you can help those suffering in Japan;
2.  help you locate those who are missing after the Japan earthquake and tsunami;
3.  give you the latest news on the Japanese nuclear radiation dangers;
4.  show you maps of Japan and the surrounding impact site areas;
5.  give you phone numbers of agencies to help in Japan and here in the US;
6.  allow you to follow along on tweets coming out of Japan in realtime;
7.  give you forums so you can chat with others about the Japan nuclear crisis, or the Japanese tsunami/earthquake;
8.  provide you with videos of what's happened and what's happening in Japan;
9.  give you a satellite viewpoint of the area impacted in Japan; and
10. give locals info on rolling blackouts throughout Japan, refugee sites, etc.

Good for Google.  This is a wonderful and amazing contribution on their part.  Helps us all.

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