Sarah Palin Suit Against the Media for Defamation: WOW

Wow. Sarah Palin's attorneys have put several news organizations (and at least one blogger) on notice that a suit for defamation might be forthcoming if things continue on certain stories regarding the "real" reasons that Sarah Palin resigned as governor of Alaska.

Here's a copy of the lawyer letter if you want to read it.

Now, I find this fascinating. Because, if it's correct -- as the Lt. Gov. has said -- that Gov. Palin has resigned because spending $2,000,000 of Alaskan tax dollars and $500,000 of her family's own cash in defending against ethics challenges (which have proven to be meritless) was the line in the sand ... well.

If I were her attorney, I could see advising her that one of her options would be to sue for defamation, to get some of that money back. If you're defamed, there's legal recourse for the damages you have sustained.

It Wouldn't Cost That Much

Just think of it. IF Palin sues all these media outlets, most of the discovery has already been done because of the investigations that have already transpired, and she's got their published words to use in her prima facie case.

The defamation suit, at this juncture, wouldn't cost her that much. And, if I'm reading things right today, they may already have proven most everything up. Fascinating.

Sarah Palin quitting her government spot and now suing as a private citizen for defamation? Wow. As a lawyer, I think I love this idea. This is brilliant.

Wondering About the Defenses if Truth's Not Among Them

Wondering about defenses now. Are there immunities when you're reporting about a government official? Where do those immunities, if any, stand once the resignation has been given? And, are there really immunities if it is true that you are printing info that you know, or should know thru due diligence to be untrue, even if a government official is involved? Does falsehood get a free pass here? Hmmmmm.

Would the State of Alaska Have A Suit for Damages Too?

And, hey: could the State of Alaska find a cause of action here, too? Get some of that $2 million back as damages? Have to ponder that one. Cuz I bet if I were an Alaskan, and I just heard that $2 million tally, I'd sure be happy to have some of that money put back in the coffers. Especially in this economy.

Very, very interesting.

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