Wow. Let's Watch What Happens At Notre Dame University This Weekend

Let's get this straight right now: I'm a Christian, but not a Catholic. And, I'm watching with great interest what will happen this weekend during the commencement exercises at Notre Dame University ... what's happening?

Read Father Frank Pavone's Explanation of the Situation

Well, I think that Fr. Frank Pavone can explain that better than I can, over in his article at Catholic.Org -- read it here -- but in a nutshell, there is a growing movement among graduating students of this Catholic University to forego attending their graduation because President Obama has been invited to give their commencement address.

And President Obama's position on abortion is in direct conflict with the pro-life position of the Catholic Church.

So, lots of students aren't going. Because of their value system. Because of what they believe. (Read their press release here.)

Applauding Integrity

And I'm glad. I think it's time to start remembering what integrity is in this country and applauding integrity when you see it.

Integrity is the adherence to one's values, even if self-sacrifice is involved (and it usually is).

It is in direct conflict with insincerity and dishonesty - things all too common in our culture today, where greed and materialism have been so acceptable.

I hope we see a lot more of it. And I think that even if you're not a believer in Christ or if you're not pro-life -- you can get behind the idea that respecting integrity is a good thing.

Commending Integrity

It's a good character trait to have, and I commend these graduating seniors for standing up for what they think is right.

We all need to do this: stand up for what we think is right, especially in times like these.

For more information, go to NDResponse.Com.

Taking a Stand

And, because I don't want to be waffling here, I'm taking a stand here, too. I do not support abortion. I think that abortion is wrong.

I'm not inviting debate. I'm not trying to convince you of my position: I am simply informing you that I have one. I've got an established value system to which I attempt to adhere at all times. I try to live with integrity.

I support these seniors in their position, not only because I agree with them on this issue, but I also agree with them that it is the right thing to do -- to not attend, rather than to go along to get along and attend, to not make waves. Good for them.

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