Did Drew Peterson Read This Forum Post?

Over the weekend, a friend and I were discussing Stacy Peterson's disappearance and how consistently jovial Drew Peterson appears to be. My friend, who practices a lot of criminal law, pointed out that he had an aura of "I know something you don't know," which she had seen in several of her clients, over the years. Usually, they did know something you didn't know, it turned out.

So, what with all this searching going on - by everyone except the Drew Peterson family - I began to wonder how hard it would be to learn about disposing of a body. Other than reading through the murder mystery section of the bookstore, or watching a CSI marathon.

I went to the web this morning, and googled the phrase, "how to get rid of a body," and in the second search result, found this forum entry:

When I took analytic chemistry, my instructor had a bottle of what he called "Jack's Magic Solution" which we used for cleaning the deposited crap out of glass vacuum filters. I believe it was a mixture of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and potassium permanganate. (I don't know in what molar ratios, sorry murderers) He implied that if one were to dump a body into a plastic barrel and fill it with the stuff, the entire corpse would be able to wash down the gutter in liquid form.

Gave me shivers when I read that mention of a plastic barrel ....

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