Google's $10 Million Prize Pot: the Open Handset Alliance

Win a prize -- Google's put $10 million in the prize pot.

Read all about Google's Android and Dream and Prize Money in the CNET.COM interview of:

1. Mark Rubin, Google's Mobile-Platforms director
and in a

2. Rich Miner, Google's Android guy, by PCWorld.

What's this all about?
Google's just announced the creation of the Open Handset Alliance, as well as introducing its Android mobile phone software. (Read: cheaper, cutting-edge competition for IPhone, etc.)

What's the goal?
Getting you fast and reliable internet service outside of a PC or a laptop and away from your desk or favorite coffee house. Better access and more freedom for you, more advertising revenue for them.

There are 34 companies already committed to the Alliance, including such BigWigs as T-Mobile, Motorola, and Sprint-Nextel. The FCC has given its nod of approval.

The Open Handset Alliance will work together on developing applications for the Android platform. Expect to see the new Androids, or "Google phones," sometime in 2008.

Google bought Android in 2005, with Rubin explaining back then that wireless was the "next frontier in search." Rubin came to Google via Android. So did Miner.

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